New Organic Skincare company KINN Living

Theres a super cute organic brand called KINN living which seems to be everywhere at the moment. KINN is a family company, launched in London this year and the founders are a gorgeous mother and daughter duo who decided they wanted to create luxury, design-led, organic and non-toxic products for the family and the home.

All the products are based on their family heritage which has a background in aromatherapy and all the products are eco-friendly, non-toxic and vegan. The packaging is minimal, super chic and looks great in the bathroom. It's also fully recyclable, sustainable, fully-traceable, ethically-sourced and made in Britain which is really fantastic.

I tried out KINN livings products, and here's are a few of my favs:

Body Wash – £14.00

I absolutely love using this body wash. It smells really luxurious, expensive and organic because you can really smell the Ylang Ylang. A small amount foams up amazing considering it contains no parabens and the blend of essential oils and organic ingredients such as ylang ylang, tangerine, lavender, coconut oil, aloe vera extract and chamomile to help repair and moisturise the skin. It doesn't have that oily eco brand feel which is great as it leaves skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

Body Lotion – £18.00

The body lotion contains lavender, tangerine, sunflower oil, shea butter, cacao butter and aloe vera leave skin feeling super soft.  It smells the same as the body wash so it's a good way to layer the scent. The moisturiser is hydrating but for those of you who need that additional help would have to add a few drops of the body oil.

Body Oil – £22.00

I only use this body oil occasionally and add a few drops into my moisturiser when my skin is feeling thirsty. Its so delicious and feels like I am really pampering my skin. The aromatic essential oils and organic ingredients – ylang ylang, tangerine, lavender, avocado oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil makes your skin feel amazing after. It absorbs straight in and doesn't leave your body feeling greasy

Bath Oil – £28.00

As you may have noticed all the products contain a mixture of ylang ylang, lavender, tangerine, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil to their products. A few drops of this in your bath will bring the spa at home and soothe and comfort you, leaving you with amazing skin.

For those of you who like eco, stylish and subtle smells, you will love these products. They do home cleaning products too so check them out.

Available from KINN Living


Winter Skin Saviour -AVEENO® Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion with Menthol


Over the summer I developed this painful and irritating rash all over my legs. The combination of sunburn, allergies and the wrong skincare lead to swollen, itchy and inflamed legs.  I lived in maxi dresses because my legs looked hideous and it was so difficult to shave and wax my legs, seriously, they looked like those the dry, cracked earth you see in the desert. I tried so many products to alleviate the pain and soften my skin and after 4 months of agony, I found a moisturiser which transformed my skin overnight.

The Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion with Menthol is a moisturising lotion that has been developed with naturally active Collodial Oatmeal and Menthol for extra dry, irritated and sensitive skin has cooling properties to soothe irritated dry skin.

The moisturiser is supposed to be fragrance free, however it does smell like menthol.  Its light, non greasy, and moisturises skin immediately leaving it tingly and cool. At first I didn’t really believe it would work because I had been suffering for so many months, and nothing seemed to be working, but after my first use, I noticed that my raw inflamed skin had calmed down and started to feel softer. After one months use, my sore skin has started to dry up and thanks to this moisturiser, the scales have started to disappear. Its amazing! My only negative feedback is that its uncomfortable to use during the winter due to its cooling properties, especially at night, when you want to feel all comfy and warm.  Therefore, I have started to only using it a few days a week, which is actually fine as my skin is on the mend.


Available from Boots


Yardley English Dahlia Collection


I love English Heritage brands. They signify quality, authenticity and have a history that makes them special and nostalgic. Yardley London reminds me of my childhood, and even the name reminds me dreamy summers playing in our garden.

Today, Yardley London completely rebranded, and are now are seen as a really cool British brand selling a beautiful collection of contemporary perfumes, body mists which I love and and gorgeous hand creams.

The new English Dahlia perfume is the latest scent from the collection. Its named after the Dahlia flower of course, and the scent is fresh, fruity and feminine. The Dahlia is blended with rose, peony, and enhanced with patchouli, cedar and musk. Its a dream and I can’t stop spraying it. The truth is, I never normally buy myself perfume as it’s expensive and I always ask for it at birthdays and Christmas. Also, I tend to stick to brands like Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford for my perfume of choice, however this Yardley one is so nice I keep getting stopped on the street about it… Yes people do stop you on the street for this kind of information, and I love it! I have am now a convert.

Yardley’s latests launches are also English Bluebell Nourishing Hand Cream which contains cornflower extract, shea butter, rice bran oil, and almond oil which is rich in Vitamin E. Ingredients like that are guaranteed to make your hands super soft all day. The uplifting bergamot and cassis accords in the top note are followed by a flirty heart of bluebell, jasmine, lily of the valley and peony, accented with a touch of peach. The fragrance is enhanced with smooth woody notes, vanilla and musk in the base.

The new ultra light Moisturising Fragrance Mist infused with Yardley London’s English Bluebell fragrance disperses evenly over the skin, absorbing quickly, and leaving it feeling smooth and delicately fragranced. I have put this in my gym bag as it acts like a perfume and moisturiser in one, and its so fast and easy to use.  Also, I am kind of lazy, and its so cheap I can use as much as I like.

I am so surprised about how nice all of the products from Yardley are. I was recently reintroduced to the brand and now I’m hooked. The prices are amazingly cheap which means I don’t need to be so precious about how I use the products. I spray them everywhere and have them in all different bags and even keep one in the bathroom and at my desk at work. They make great gifts and are perfect gifts as the packaging is beautiful.

 English Dahlia £14.99

Nourishing Hand Cream £4.49

Moisturising Fragrance Mist £6.00

Available from Yadley London

Dr Organic Rose Otto Body Wash

Every morning for the last couple of weeks, I have transported myself to a magical Ottoman Kingdom where I am Queen, and I swim in what feels like silky, and aromatic Turkish Delight.

When I get out of the shower, I realise I’m me, and still in Hackney Wick!

I love rose everything, it’s natural, smells and tastes delicious, and it has amazing healing properties. It’s been used for centuries, and renowned for anti-ageing as it firms and tones the skin, while improving the skins texture making it appear smoother, softer and younger. Give me anything rose and I’ll take it, I’m obsessed!

I bought this Rose Otto body wash from Dr Organic in Holland & Barrett as they sell beauty products and were having a BOGOF offer, so I bought Rose for the day, and Lavender for the evening.

This shower gel contains Rose Otto Oil, Aloe Vera, Limeflower, Chamomile, Passionflower, Calendula plus Geranium and Clove Essential Oils. Seriously, its an absolute dream, just listen to those ingredients rolling off your tongue, they are beautiful, and that’t exactly what this stuff smells like. I can’t get myself out of the bathroom every day. A small amount goes a long way as it lathers really well which I find surprising for a natural skincare product as they don’t normally foam. This feels amazing on the skin, the scent is intoxicating and it leaves the skin feeling super soft and hydrated. I really haven’t even got bored of yet, I think I would pour it over everything I consume if I could. It is uplifting, anti-ageing and calming – so pretty much gets you ready for the day before the commute chaos hits you.


Available from Holland & Barrett and Dr Organic


New Palmers Coconut Oil Range

It looks like everyone is still going nuts about coconuts. I drink it, cook with it, add a teaspoon to my smoothies, use it for pulling (to whiten teeth, not to meet men), apply it to dry skin…the list goes on. As coconuts make you beautiful, inside and out, it was only a matter of time until the super food was added to beauty products. Growing up in an Indian family of mostly women, coconut products are not a new addition to my beauty life – there was always a bottle of Coconut, Almond, or Jasmine oil in the house, my dad even bought a crate of Vatika Coconut Oil (to grow hair) when I went for the Alexa Chung chop as a subtle hint that he hated it.

The latest brand to launch a range of coconut oil products is Palmers who of course are famous for thier Cocoa Butter. This Coconut Oil Formula Range consists of a Body Cream, Body Lotion, Body Oil, and Hand Cream. They are all formulated from ethically and sustainably sourced raw, organic coconut oil, and also infused with ancient Polynesian sacred oil, a Tahitian Monoi oil which contains Antioxidents, Vitamin E and Protiens to help boost the skins health and radiance. A what is also great about the products is that they are free from Parabens, phthalate, mineral oil, and dyes.

Coconut Oil Body Lotion – £4.00

This is the coconut version of the famous cocoa butter. It has a similar scent and milky texture. Without doubt this stuff will soften your skin. It’s definietly creamier that your average body lotion and leaves skin feeling super nourished for up to 24 hours.

Coconut Oil Formula Body Cream – £7.00

This body cream is for people with really dry skin. It’s thick, and once applied, cocoons the body, making it feel warm and soft. I would never apply it during the day as it is definitely too heavy. I probably would in the winter if my skin was particularly dry, or after sun pampering of you ant wait until then. The high content of Urea will pamper the and deeply condition skin, leaving it glowing. I really like this product but I don’t think I would use it unless I was a having problematic skin moment.

Coconut Oil Hand Cream – £2.40

This is a reasonably priced every day hand cream. For those who have dry/cracked hands, this is great because it has a glove like protective barrier which locks in moisture for 24 hours and transforms skin making it set and smooth.

Body Oil – £7.00

I have become obsessed with this body oil. It smells more like sweet almond oil than coconut oil which reminds me of summer, and for some strange reason, cake. It’s SO nice, I love it. The silky texture is not oily at all as its a dry oil so it absorbs straight into the skin. Due to the fact that it’s a dry oil, it doesn’t make the skin feel as instantly soft as the body lotion and cream, it hydrates the skin, and feels as if it penetrates deeper. Again, I use this at night, and after a few days use I noticed a huge difference to the texture and elaciticy of my skin, it was glowing, smooth, and felt really healthy. The oil can also be used in the shower and bath.

If you’re a fan of Palmer’s you will not be disappointed, but if you’re not a fan, you will plea sly surprised about how great these products are, especially the oil. It’s not an extravagant product.

Available from Boots, and Superdrug

Liha Beauty

Made in Hackney. Now that’s something we never hear when talking about skincare. I randomly discovered Liha Beauty when I met one of its founders, Abi at a non beauty related party. A natural skincare brand that is not only made in the UK, it’s made in my very own postcode (and Cheltenham too) is probably one of my most exciting discoveries of this year.

East London is not new to the beauty game, its home to cool brands like Bleach London, and WAH Nails, who have defined the east London disheveled, rock n roll look. What’s great and different about Liha Beauty is, it’s clean, organic, and natural aesthetic, which I think is progressive when it comes to not only beauty, but trends too. Hipster beauty for grown ups – kind of the beauty version of artisan bread, cold brew coffee, and craft beer, because let’s face it, not all of us who live in East London want to look like we’ve just dragged ourselves out of a warehouse rave at 9am!

Liha Beauty was founded by London born ex Olympian Athlete Abi Oyeitan, and her friend Liha Okunniwa who is Cheltenham based. They have been experimenting with hand made products for years, using traditional Yoruban (their African home town) and natural products such as Shea Butter, coconut oil, Jojoba, and Essential Oils which at the time were not as readily available as they are today. As thier home made products became popular amongst their friends they decided to bottle them up, and sell them to the public – yay!

Out of the four products that they currently sell, I tried out the Idan Oil which is the Yoruban word for magic. It’s made with natural, cold pressed coconut oil, infused with Tuberose which has been natural processed in a traditional African way. It’s magic because it can be used anywhere on the skin – face, body, hands, feet, and even hair. I would reccomend leaving it on overnight as it leaves skin and hair looking and feeing super soft in the morning. All you have to do is warm the bottle in your hands of under a tap to melt the solidified oil. You only need a few drops because it’s highly concentrated. I personally found the scent too intense for my face, so have been using it on my skin at night, which feels so good. The smell is so beautiful you can even wear it as a perfume by adding a few drops to your pulse points.

I really love this stuff, and can’t wait to try the rest of the collection.


Available from Liha Beauty and Liberty

Scrubbing up

I think pretty much everyone I know was freaking out about getting their legs out during last weekends heatwave. It was amazing, and such a liberating feeling to not wear tights, but the first day of exposure, the big reveal, is always terrifying.

The only way to get over this fear is by making sure you are prepped weeks before the summer finally hits. So, now is the time. By prep, I mean exfoliating, moisturising, and fake tanning, if needed. Fake tanners, as you know, exfoliating the skin to silky smooth perfection is the most important part of your routine, to eliminate streaks and a patchy finish. Of course if you’re not tanning, and have naturally dark skin like me, the winter and lack of Vitamin D can still make your skin look dull, so this is a perfect way to refine, and resurface skin, making it glow.

There are many exfoliators on the market, but I always go back to my original, and super reliable Salt Scrub by Sanutuary Spa. Out of all of the body scrubs I have used, and there are many, this has got to be my ultimate favourite. It’s fairly cheap, available from Boots and the pot is so huge, it will last you at least 6-8 months. This scrub contains Dead Sea Salt, wrapped in Jojoba oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil to transform your skin instantly. It smells amazing and will last all day.

The texture is rough, thick and very oily. You need to give it a good shake, or mix when opened or else the oil rises to the surface and you will probably have to shovel the salt out in a few months. As mentioned earlier, it smells incredible and the oil feels so good on the skin. The salt crystals are super hard to touch, but they do exactly what they’re meant to. The salt is thick and hard but the richness of the oil will counteract the salt texture to give you a perfect balance for perfect skin. All you need to do is massage in circular movements onto damp skin concentrating on the areas that need it most. The almond and coconut oil absorb quickly and soften skin, and the Jojoba oil, a light and natural emollient is said to mimic the action of sebum to promote a radiant complexion. The sea salt removes dead skin cells, which improves the cell turnover.

I used mine this morning and my skin looks and feels amazing. I’m a regular exfoliator and have been using anther (expensive) brand the last few months and today I can see and feel the difference. As soon as I got out of the shower my skin, especially my legs looked like they had lost a layer (gross) as they looked glowy, soft and the skin looked smother and tighter. Use twice a week or every other day (in moderation) over the summer.


Available from Boots and Sanctuary