Shake that thing – Lancôme Matte Shaker Liquid Lipsticks

I have been really interested in liquid lipsticks for a while now. They are everywhere and will update your makeup bag in an instant. I have started experimenting with them but still find the concept quite strange. First of all, applying them without making mistakes is a nightmare, I’m talking liquid lipsticks in general. Their consistency is the same as a gloss and much more pigmented so in so many ways it’s easier than applying a lipstick on the go, but you have to really be careful. Despite this, I actually really love using them as they remind me of my early makeup years, the days I used to wear lipgloss. Also, I love wearing matte lipstick but find them drying and discovered that liquid lipsticks are much more hydrating, lightweight and have a better finish. If Huda Kattan likes them, then I am sold!

The Lancome Matte Shaker liquid lipstick is the latest liquid lipsticks I have been trying out. These are super cute little pops of very intense and highly pigmented lipsticks that come in 7 vivid colours. The lipstick is formulated using silicone oils, a water-in-oil emulsion which leave a lightweight second-skin feel on the lips and the best part is, they are non-transferable.

The two colours I have are are RED’Y in 5 which is a vibrant orangy red and KISS ME CHERIE, a darker and deeper red. Both colours are great for this time of year, whether you’re looking for a bloody red for Halloween or a festive one for Christmas. I actually wore RED’Y in 5 over summer too and it looked incredible with my tanned skin. Okay so the lipsticks are so cute and super easy to use. All you do is shake the bottle in order for the liquid to saturate the sponge on the applicator (below) and apply to the lips. Obviously shake while its fully closed and shake it hard. I had to tap one of mine against a table top to release the liquid. This is actually a good thing because once shaken, you don’t want its pour out every time you open it. In fact, you have to shake the bottle pretty much every time you want to use it. Sometimes, only the oil comes out which is nice when you don’t want full on red lips on a Sunday morning… know what I mean?! 

As you can see below, the applicator is a medium thick pointed, firm velvety sponge which helps with the precision… basically to stop you applying it all over your face. Again you have to be careful as it does miss the lip line if you’re not careful but after a few tries you will get used to how to apply it and in fact, when I came into work today with it on, my colleague asked how I got my lips to look so precise. 

This one needs a good shake…

Once applied the formula comes out really watery and quite oily like I said earlier and more like a lip stain or oil. This means you have to give it good shake, or whack it against the table. If you haven’t got enough product on the sponge applicator, it will gently stain your lips for a daytime look that I love, but for more intensity, keep on shaking baby and omg the results are amazing!

Once applied the lipstick will cover your lips and be super wet. This is the part when you have to be really careful. Don’t kiss anyone, drink or let any hair strands near your lips… don’t go out in a storm. So, after around 5-10 minutes, the lipstick will dry to leave a matte finish. It is not the kind of matte as you would expect because its not heavy and dry. The colour is intense, yet it feels like a second skin, its amazing! 

First application:

The verdict 

I am supposed to hate this lipstick because a little shaking pot of wet matte lipstick sounds wrong. The truth is I actually really love it! I wore red lipstick to work the other day and unlike my normal lipstick, this didn’t move at all and didn’t even transfer onto my coffee cup… I mean it did, but not as much as my usual lipstick.

Me last night, that’s not lipstick on the glass…. look out for more instagram posts with it on…

I also wore it to a party last night and put it on all hot and bothered after the gym and during the party and it felt so cooling on the lips. It comes on amazingly and I even applied it in the dark (at the party, not the gym) and there were no mistakes. I love the packaging and really enjoy putting them in my makeup bag because they look cute and they are super compact.  


Available from Lancome and department stores nationwide 


The best inexpensive foundation is here – Sleek Lifeproof Foundation

I have been using the same foundation for around 15 years now and even though there are some great foundations out there, I haven’t managed to find one that matches both my skin type and my shade. Nothing beats my current one and I’m shocked that a foundation I can buy in Boots for less than £10 has now replaced it! My skin tone is medium with yellow undertones and I have combination dehydrated skin with an oily t-zone. Its called combination skin, however, I would call it complicated!

I didn’t think I would find it difficult to find a foundation shade as my colour sits in the middle, however it seems lots of brands can’t seem to get their undertones correct. I never use makeup I can buy on the high street like boots and Superdrug as I have always been a luxury girl, but as I have always been obsessed with the sleek contour palettes I so thought I’d give their foundations a go.

Their new Seek Lifeproof Foundation is AMAZING! First of all, the brand has always been Woke AF! This foundation has 24 shades and Sleek have been making dark foundation for years… way before it was cool to have makeup for dark skin. These guys have genuinely been representing the darker skin girls from the start. In fact, their new ‘my face, my rules’ campaign touches on this as well as other issues such as bullying and makeup shaming.


My face. My rules, is Sleek’s way of positively recognising and standing up for everyone’s right to define their own beauty, without boundaries. They want to spread the message to let people know that it’s ok to be obsessed with makeup, to put whatever you want on your face, whenever and however you want. The company have been making it their mission to combat the judgement many of their customers face every day; the negative stereotypes that come with a full face of makeup, or a bright red lip, or a bold brow.

They have been working with lots of influencers that you might recognise. Watch it here.

So is the foundation any good?

The foundation is an oil free foundation, with medium coverage, however once applied over their Hydrating Primer, it comes on with an amazing dewy finish and you only need a little for full coverage. Carefully infused with liquorice extract which helps to brighten tired and dull skin and with the energising features of Biophytex. The pigment in the foundation is so high you only need a small amount. I would recommend building it up slowly. It glides onto the skin and stays there all day without moving and stays sort of matte but dewy all day. It doesn’t transfer onto clothes and the thin layer evens out skin tones and conceals imperfections. The soft-focus powders create a blurring effect and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The oil and sweat free formula means you can wear it in the gym. I do all the time and it stays in place.

This primer is amazing too! I perfects the skin without that fake matte velvety finish that I am surprisingly not a fan of. There is a mattifying primer for those of you who like that look. The hydrating primer includes glycerin and mineral oil which provides skin care benefits such as fighting off dryness and maintaining hydration levels.

I apply the primer first and then dot on a small amount of foundation on the skin. Always apply less than you think you need and build up. I smooth mine over the face with a foundation brush and then even out with a sponge or beauty blender. I apply concealer, setting powder and then the rest of my makeup which all seems compatible. It’s so easy to use.


I can honestly say, I am in absolute love with this foundation. That’s me above with my foundation on today and my hand earlier.  Look at the colour difference, honestly, I told you my skin is complicated, the colour and tones are always changing. Sleek unlinke lots of other more expensive brands has got my colour spot on. I highly recommend it to those of you who would are fans of NARS, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Dior. This Sleek one is a third of the price and equally as good. Controversial but true.


Available from Sleek, Boots and Superdrug


Diary of a Beauty Junkie – New Smith & Cult makeup collection


You know those nail polishes you love? The Smith & Cult ones? Well, they have just launched a makeup collection and it is AH-MAzing! I’m not exaggerating here, it’s way up there with YSL, Bobbi and NARS.

To be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the founder Dineh Mojaher who in the 90s started Hard Candy nail polishes. If you’re old enough to remember, they were the brightly coloured nail polishes sold in Harvey Nichols with the rings on them. The baby blue was the one Alicia Silverstone wore in Clueless and I was obsessed.

mti4otu0nda3nzezoda2ode0Hard Candy Nail Polishes

So this Diary of a Beauty Junkie collection and everything about its marketing is super glam, super lux, super sexy and cool! It’s for that crazy cool party girl who still has all her sh*t together but is still slightly unstable. She knows exactly who she is and isn’t afraid to take risks and have fun which makes her a liability. The packaging looks like someone has stepped on it with a spiked heel – so again, like the packaging, the Smith & Cult girl is shiny and polished but slightly damaged.

It’s like the Lana Del Rey of Makeup. I love it! It’s so Rock n Roll and so me!


Diary of Beauty Junkie Collection

If you get a chance to go on the website, you can see that the product descriptions have nothing to do with the shades, but are little monologues from the Smith & Cult babe who wears it (see above). Stories about getting drunk on a flight and telling your life story to a complete stranger, having OCD, and spiking your detox tea with whiskey seriously make you want to buy them.

The Book Of Eye’s Eye Quad Collection

Book of Eyes in Neautrality

Book of Eyes in Plume

These come in four different tones – Neutrality which is 4 brown/gold colours, Plume which is four plum colours, Bronzy, yeah you guessed it, bronze and smoked out which is a mixture of silvery glitter, pinks and khaki. Neutrality is my favourite but surprisingly I have been wearing No.3 Soft Shock every day.  The colours are highly refined powder formulas with rich velvety pigments, metallic micro-particles and translucent shimmers to create the perfect smokey eye. They can be used wet and dry for creamy dreamy textures and they have extremely long staying power.

I have been wearing these eyeshadows for a month now and have completely ditched everything I have worn over the last few months. First of all, unlike other brands, it doesn’t irritate my skin, not even the glittery ones. The eyeshadows stay on all day, blend perfectly together and the brush that comes with it works perfectly. I have stopped using eyeliner along my outer lash line and replace it with the darker eyeshadow in this quad and it doesn’t move all day.  Even after a full on Spin Class.


B-Line Eye Pen in Still Riot 

I you like a cat eye, this is a product for you. This eyeliner point is so thin and black it can create the finest line or darkest and sharpest flick. It dries immediately and lasts all day, and night resisting water so you can wear when you’re out partying and it wont move. The silky matte finish and stays in place all day without smudging, flaking, or misbehaving. If you read the description on the website, it will tell you about shoving garlic in your ears and drinking Oregano. Lol!

Just believe me when I say it gets your flicks on fleek.


 The Tainted Lip Stain Flatte in Mad Heat

The liquid lipstick in a dark red smells amazingly like cocoa butter. It slides onto lips because it’s a liquid and stains the lips instantly without looking over done or drying lips out. The finish is Matte but it looks and feels really soft and keeps lips hydrated as its formulated with esthers and emollients combined with a blend of skin perfecting polymers. I dabbed a little of this on my lips to stain them and finished with a lip balm for nights I don’t want to look too made up.


Nail Polish in Darjeeling Darling 

Just like all of their nail polishes, this is a gorgeous Emerald Green in a glossy and rich finish.  It doesn’t chip easily and looks amazing on skin, especially during the festive season.


This new makeup collection is everything. It’s Rock n Roll, its cool and edgy, it’s glam, it’s hard, its sexy, it’s fun, and it lasts all day and all night.

Buy it now, you will not be disappointed.

Available from Space NK and Cult Beauty



Great British Bake Off – Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder


Baking with Banana Powder.  Now, I’m not talking cake here, I’m talking about one of the latest make up trends on social media that everyone still seems to be going bananas for. 

If you don’t know what baking is, it’s a method that has been stolen from the drag community who have been doing it for years.  The way to bake is to apply a thick layer of powder on your face to bake on your face for 10 minutes. When dusted off, the powder has set onto your face leaving a flawless finish that will last all day and all night. 

Talking about queens, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic uses it on her, just check out her Instagram page, she loves it… and lets face it, if the queen of contouring is baking, its definitely a thing. 


So, without the help of a drag queen or makeup artist, is it possible to bake at home? I went down to the Rodial Skin Lab at Harvery Nichols to find out.

Rodial makeup is just as good as it’s skincare, their contouring powder is popular with all of the Kardashian sisters and the Skin Tints are amazing. Like their skincare products, the company are always on the forefront of beauty trends, creating innovative, and cool products that actually work.

I don’t do contouring, so this concept of baking was a little scary for me. In the end, it it worked out great and was so easy to use. The new Instaglam Banana Powder is yellow toned, so not yellow. The colour is so versatile, and the  shade will actually suit a whole range of skin tones to compliment the full contouring look. The formula corrects redness and pink undertones, whilst neautralising blue under eye circles. It can be used on your whole face to set your makeup and contour using the baking effect where it acts like a highlighter. It stays on all day minimises fine lines and doesn’t look heavy.

All you do is brush it on under the eyes to form a thick layer. You can apply it under the cheekbones, brow bone, and on the chin if you also wish to go for the Kim K look.  Leave it on while you are doing the rest of your makeup and then brush it off.  Blend it i with the rest of your makeup and you’re done.  It leaves an amazing flawless finish unlike something you would get from a cream concealer because it doesn’t melt or get stuck in fine lines. It’s a really natural and subtle way to cover dark circles and imperfections because it leaves a soft smooth and creaseless look that lasts all day.

Available from Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols


Kiko Summer Trend Collection

The When I saw the new Summer Trend collection from Kiko, it made me think of adventures in faraway lands – Aqua oceans, fluorescent flowers, and sun-kissed holiday skin which glows like the sunset. Seriously, this collection has everything you need for your summer vacation… And even if you stay in the city, you can still look like you’ve jumped of the plane straight from Tulum.

First of all let’s talk about the packaging. The lightweight rose gold design was created by futurist designer Ross Lovegrove which are like miniature sculptures borrowed from buildings, to mimic the curves of a woman’s body. This instantly recognisable trademark design by the designer is dedicated to those who have a desire for adventure. Therefore, it’s not just pretty to look at, the features such as the magnetic lipstick lids, and the curves of the applicators for a tighter grip, have all been designed to be used on the go.

The makeup itself is everything you need for your summer look. Bronzes with golden and coral accents to highlight and accentuate tans, pink, red and plum lipsticks, and bronze, and Aqua eye makeup.

Here are a few of my favourites

Desert Dune Baked Bronzer £22.90

This bronzer has actually been baked so that its application is super fine and light. It comes in two shades – Warm Melange, and Sienna Melange. It smells like Vanilla and enriched with Jojoba oil so that it doesn’t dry out the skin. It can be used all over the face and more concentrated on the cheeks and nose.

Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush £16.90

This is also baked and infused with Jojoba oil and available in three shades – Lust Coral, Gypsy Pink, and Impulsive Mauve. The shades can be used individually or blended together to highlight the cheekbones and skin.

Sunshine DD Cream SPF 30 £12.90

This DD cream is the latest evolution in the BB and CC game. It has an SPF and daily defence action for anti agening. Coverage is buildable. Available in 4 shades.

In the Shade Kajal £9.50

These highly pigmented eyeshades can line the eyes or blend to for an eyeshadow or smokey eye. They are soft and stay on all day. They come in 6 colours but my favourite has got to be 03 Turquoise and Pearly Brown.

Mirage Lip Stylo £10.90

The innovative formulas or special waxes and pigments glide on easily and last all day. They are available in 8 shades.

Free Spirit Lips and Cheeks £9.90 and Heatwave Lip Oil £10.90

The Free Spirit Lip and Cheek oil is versatile and brightens the complexion with a healthy glow. For lips it’s buildable, and for cheeks it can be blended easily. The lip oil is a nourishing treatment which leaves lips hydrate and bright. It makes lips glossy but not sticky.

Other products like the Kabuki Face Brush, the rose gold Clutch and the Perfume are also available in the collection.

Available from stores nationwide and Kiko